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CBP Newsletter #2

This is the second issue of the CBP Newsletter. It's meant to bring it all together. I post on many different social networks regularly, and this newsletter is where you can see the best of it in one place:

Easy Guitar Melodies Sales Update

Last night I sold the first three copies of my Ebook, And I'm walking on air!

A friend (Darin Hilderbrand, who is also a guitar teacher) was gracious enough to buy the first copy (even though I'd already given him a free coupon). Needless say I was pretty happy about making my first sale to someone who cared!

Teaching A New Song

AKA Quick Hook Breakdown

I always ask new students what songs they want to learn. Usually those songs are too difficult to learn right away, but I make a note and come back to them as quickly as we can. Often I set a goal like “let's start that in six weeks.”

This means I get to learn a new song that's cool, analyze it, and figure out what part to teach. I found a method that works very reliably and quickly especially with young students, and I'm gonna share it with you.

The Guitar Archive

The Guitar Archive is the quickest path to guitar mastery I know of. Developed over 20 years of teaching guitar, it is my personal method for learn to play the guitar quickly, while having fun.

Jimi Hendrix: Hero

Jimi Hendrix: Hero

A friend shared the Jimi Hendrix interviews from the Dick Cavette Show with me today. He knows Hendrix is one of my heros, but he didn’t know this is my favorite interview of Hendrix and that I think of it to hold myself to a higher standard. Let me explain a bit, then you should watch the videos and decide for yourself.

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