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I teach music lessons on the South Hill, in Spokane Washington.
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Phone (509) 270-0243

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My Ebook Four Easy Guitar Melodies, and my my Guitar Archive are available in my online store.

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And if you are just interested in guitar, don't miss my Guitar Lesson Blog.

Guitar Lesson TV shows actual lessons done in the last few months online:

Interested in Classical Guitar? Don't miss my blog post An Introduction To Classical Guitar.

Check out my YouTube channel for more.

Christmas Carols from December:

I have a YouTube Channel with lots of guitar Instructional Videos:

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If you are on Instagram, follow my Instagram Guitar Lessons account. I post regularly there too.

I prefer to cater my lessons to the individual student. Contact me about lessons, and we can talk about your interests and what I would recommend. That said, I have developed extensive teaching materials. Check out some of the stuff below. Feel free to contact me with questions.

Phone: (509) 270-0243

Guitar Lesson Materials:

This is where you will find stuff related to guitar playing, and guitar lessons:

I use menus of songs to teach. Here is my menu of really easy beginner songs:

Here is a current copy of my guitar lesson sheet music library so you can find songs you want to learn. This is just some of the music I have available for students!
Riffs 2009.pdf

Guitar Rhythm Handouts:

Rhythms 1.pdf
Rhythms 2.pdf

Beginning Guitar Tests:

Beginning Test.pdf
Beginning Test Level 1.pdf
Beginning Test Level 2.pdf
Beginning Test Level 3.pdf
Beginning Test Level 4.pdf - Final Page 1
Beginning Test Level 4 p2.pdf - Final Page 2

Intermediate Guitar Tests:

Intermediate Test Level 001.pdf
Intermediate Test Level 002.pdf
Intermediate Test Level 003.pdf
Intermediate Test Level 004.pdf
Intermediate Test Level 005.pdf
Intermediate Test Level 006.pdf

More available on request.