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The Guitar Archive

The Guitar Archive is the quickest path to guitar mastery I know of. Developed over 20 years of teaching guitar, it is my personal method for learn to play the guitar quickly, while having fun.

It is meant to be a reference to guide you step by step, as well as to show you the path to the future. Organized by skills, and categories of material it is a quick way to jump between topics while maintaining perspective on what you are trying to achieve. You can print it all out, and use it as a comprehensive method, or jump from section to section to build a weekly practice routine. It could even be used for you to teach your own students to play guitar.

Table of Contents:
1 Rhythms
2 Melodies
3 Chord Charts
4 Progressions
5 Easy Riffs
6 Songs
7 Scales
8 Tests
9 Rhythm Riffs
10 More
Blank paper
Guitar maintenance
Lists of Songs to Learn
- based on categories and skills.

´┐╝The Guitar Archive is a work in progress with regular updates.

Learn more here:Guitar Archive.