Chris Phelps guitarist composer performer

I make new music.

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The songs below are my personal favorites.
Each represents a significant milestone for
me as a musician.


I wrote, and recorded all parts in this song solo. I like it because it's all me, it's personal in a way that I don't often explore, and there's a lot of really cool music production stuff going on.

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I wrote this song, and recorded it with the Lords of Confusion in 2006. It's a favorite because it's original, and representative of where I want to go next with my music.

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This one deserves and honorable mention…. I wrote and recorded all of the parts. It belongs on the list because I think it's some of my best writing, although I wouldn't mind rewriting the lyrics…. again.

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    Composers Challenge:
    Write a theme song for a YouTube channel.
    Make happy, upbeat folk music for a program about arranging flowers.
    This is what I came up with:

    Lately I've been putting little riffs on YouTube and Instagram like this for fun:

    The next two are just for fun from recent jam sessions.
    I'd like to make more like this in the future.

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I also play piano, and compose music for a wide variety of ensembles.

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I was in The Lords of Confusion in 2006. We played a few small shows, but mostly it was for fun.

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From 1998 to 2002 I wrote, and recorded mostly solo.

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These are solos from throughout my career. My favorites are Your Smile, If You Can't Stand The Heat, and #8 mostly because they represent milestones for me personally.

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