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Your First Guitar Lesson

Your First Guitar Lesson:

What should your first guitar lesson be like?
In a word... FUN !!!

We will discuss what you want to play including songs, styles, and favorite artists. I'll answer any questions you have, and we will learn to play GUITAR!

My top priority is for you to learn a catchy song. If you've never played, I might show you what to do with each hand, but from there on we would build a song that YOU know and want to PLAY !!!!

What song would you learn?

Here are some simple examples (Click the blue ones for video):
Smoke on The Water
Jingle Bells
Back In Black
Seven Nation Army

Iron Man
Ode to Joy

What does a first lesson look like?

This is the quick review from Maggie's first lesson:

This is Jaxen's first guitar lesson:

Here are some more guitar lessons for you to watch: