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Bark At The Moon

- A Guest Lesson by former student Jimmy Mahoney

Jimmy Mahoney was my student from June 29th 2005 to August 2012, and today he's going to show us how to play Bark At The Moon by Ozzy. We have a Facebook Group with lots of my former students in it, and he shared this with us there. I thought you would like it too, so I'm trying something different with this guest lesson.

First, he's going to play it for us, and then you should check out the two videos I linked to in the description, and last don't forget to link to your favorite videos of Bark at the Moon in the comments below. Take it away Jimmy....

Here is Jimmy Playing it:

I don’t know any other song with so many amazing riffs packed into it. Every single guitar part stands out with such crazy attitude. If there was one song for a guitar player to learn who wanted to dive headfirst into metal, this would be it if you ask me.

This video will save you some headaches, Jake E Lee sets straight all the bad transcriptions out there:

And then this guy made an instructional video based on the Jake E Lee video:

Don't forget to check the links below for the comments and other instructional videos. I think it's worth mentioning that Jimmy and his wife just had a baby, and he recorded this during "nap time at the lowest volume my Peavey 6505 could produce". It sounds amazing to me.

Thanks Jimmy and congratulations.

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