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I write about self improvement, philosophy, and music.

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I started blogging in 2015, and published 15 short articles that year. In 2016 I posted one article. In 2017 I posted 3, and In 2018 I posted 1. So far, in 2019, I’ve published 20 articles, had 100 visitors, and had 169 views. I have 21 followers, and I’ve received 55 likes! I don’t write for the praise, but it is cool to know that people like my work.

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How to Handle The Dreaded ‘Reply All Moment’

  • 01-18-2019

HOW TO HANDLE THE DREADED ‘REPLY ALL MOMENT I’ve had this happen more than once on text messages! Help? This article is hilarious, and has some terrific advice: “I blame a small child — son, niece, nephew, whatever,” Roanne Martin said. Well, now we know when it’s socially acceptable to blame your child for your… Continue Reading →

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