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I write about self improvement, philosophy, and music.

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Writing Bio:

I started blogging in 2015, and published 15 short articles that year. In 2016 I posted one article. In 2017 I posted 3, and In 2018 I posted 1. So far, in 2019, I’ve published 20 articles, had 100 visitors, and had 169 views. I have 21 followers, and I’ve received 55 likes! I don’t write for the praise, but it is cool to know that people like my work.

You can access my WordPress blog here, or below:

The Five Whys

  • 03-09-2020

We’ve got a problem! The “Five Whys” is a quick way to get to first principles, the foundation of the problem, and to solve it by avoiding assumptions, popular opinions, cultural myths, and dogma.

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2019 Integrity Report

  • 03-01-2020

This is my 2019 Integrity report. I asked myself three questions, and reflected on the how well the processes and systems I used over the last year worked. It’s a way to get a higher perspective on my own personal integrity, and guide my own improvement.

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We Want What We See

  • 02-20-2020

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?

Is it what you see, or is it what you look at?

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Personal Changes For 2020 :

  • 02-11-2020

This year I did my first thorough in-depth annual review. It was a very good experience, and I’m certain I will do one next year

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Above The Best – Follow Me

  • 02-06-2020

Above the best – follow me encourages us to be the best version of ourselves, and to lead by example. Further, it means that we are at our best when we are our best with the intent to do the best for others.

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